Simple. Straight forward. Affordable.

  • We recruit and vet quality Insurance Virtual Assistants for full-time 40 hours a week.
  • We assist in preliminary Insurance cross-training, security features & time monitoring.
  • You provide the platform, systems & ongoing training for your VA to succeed.
  • We will assist you in setting up a successful VA program with your Agency.
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Our VA's: We work exclusively with Filipino and USA VA's that have basic knowledge of insurance. We are a husband/wife team that are USA-based Licensed Insurance Agents; therefore we offer our VA's preliminary training on American Insurance.

To put it simply, we don't offer pretzels on this flight. Simple. Straight forward. Affordable. No bells and whistles.

If you don't prefer to invest in your own system, processes, and ongoing training for your VA, this company isn't the best fit for your needs. There are other VA companies that will charge you double/triple to do all of that and they will do an amazing job for you.

We offer services to the Agent who is capable of running his own ship but wanted help in recruiting, security management, time management software, quality control, and preliminary cross-training.

Meet Rezin.


Founder of THE INTEGRITY BRAND. Licensed Insurance Agent. Business Entrepreneur & Coach. Drone Hobbyist. Tech buyer of the latest and newest gadget. Tesla Lover. Beans and rice type of guy.

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Meet Christi.


Wife of the Founder of THE INTEGRITY BRAND. Licensed Insurance Agent. Travel Enthusiast. Homeschool Mama. Daycare Owner. Also a Tesla Lover. Loves Rezin's Vegetable Sushi.

Meet Angelica.


Executive Manager of THE INTEGRITY BRAND. Recruits and Vets VA's. Manages VA quality. Works with our USA-based clients to ensure utmost care. Loves reading articles & motivational quotes for inspiration and growth. Loves good Ol' classic Fish and Chips.

Our VA Process


Complete the Discovery form

This lets us know your needs so we can hire with you in mind.


Phone Consultation

After we review your Discovery Form, we will schedule a call to discuss your needs and onboarding process and payment option.


Recruitment & Zoom Interviews

Based on your needs, we begin our recruitment process trying to find you the best fit for your needs, personality, and agency culture. When we believe we found a match, we will set up a 3-way Zoom Interview with you, the potential VA and us.


Platform & System Set up

You ensure your platform & systems are in place for the VA to succeed. We help where you need.


VA onboarding

Your VA starts training with you and us simultaneously. We help teach Insurance knowledge. You teach Carrier specific and system-specific knowledge. We are able to time track for you to have easy access to see what your VA is logging, manage the Virtual Private Network to ensure your VA has an IP address that is USA based & we will oversee the quality of our VA meeting your expectations.


Let's face it. We all want affordable full-time help. We make it possible. We offer only FULL-TIME VA's. We have priced ourselves where you get the most for your buck. Our pricing is SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD, and AFFORDABLE. NO hidden fees. NO surprises. NO bells and whistles.

Full-Time Pricing

  • Up to 40 hours a week for 4 weeks per month
  • $1350 Month

Pre-billed and Pre-paid prior to services rendered.

Additional Expenses:

  • YOU: You set up your own phone system, websites, emails, communication standards and all other expenses involved with having your VA.
  • US: We pay for recruitment/vetting, VPN, Time Management tracking software, personalized Executive Manager who works with your team to ensure quality.